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Tips and Tricks for Summer

Hey there, fellow summer enthusiasts! With the school year waving goodbye and summer break waving hello, it's tempting to toss routines out the window and embrace the carefree spirit. But hold on just a minute! While routines might not sound like the most thrilling thing, they can actually save the day when it comes to keeping maladaptive behaviors at bay. Plus, they make the transition back to school smoother than a water slide ride! So, let's dive into some fabulous tips for maintaining a summer routine while still relishing that well-deserved break.
  1. Rise and shine (a bit later): While it's totally cool to give your child a slightly later wake-up call, don't let them turn into nocturnal creatures! Keep their sleep schedule consistent to help them stay on track and avoid those grumpy mornings. Trust me, you'll thank yourself for preventing the cranky-pants syndrome.
  2. Yummy times: Regular meals and snacks are key ingredients in the recipe for routine success! Keep your child's tummy happy by sticking to a similar eating schedule each day. And here's a bonus—get your child involved in the process! Let them join the snack or meal planning adventure, tag along to the grocery store treasure hunt, and even lend a hand in prepping and cooking. It's the perfect recipe for fun and togetherness.
  3. Daily adventures: Unleash the power of a daily schedule, superhero-style! Just like school has its trusty schedule, creating a similar structure for your child's day is a brilliant idea. Set fixed times for activities that happen every day, like reading or chores, so each day feels consistent and familiar. And here's the superhero twist—let your child be the sidekick in creating the schedule! They can choose a few exciting activities to complete each day, putting their super decision-making skills to good use.
  4. Summer smarts: Don't let those brain cells go on vacation! Dedicate some time each day for your child to brush up on their reading and math skills. It's like keeping the summer learning camp alive! You can snag awesome workbooks or find free online worksheets to keep your child's mind buzzing. Assign them a few pages each day, and hey presto, they'll conquer summer regression like champions. Oh, and don't forget the power of reading—20 minutes a day will work wonders!
  5. Screen time showdown: Ah, the age-old screen time debate. While it's tempting to loosen the reins during summer, maintaining the same limits as during the school year is the superhero move. Consistency is key, my friend! It'll make the back-to-school transition smoother than a perfectly executed high-five.
  6. Chores assemble: Time to recruit your little superheroes for some age-appropriate responsibilities! Give them tasks around the house that help the family (cue the dramatic music!). Create a schedule for each day, listing what needs to be done, and add a fun reward at the end of the day once everyone has conquered their missions. For example, your child can unleash their dishwashing skills or ensure all the trash cans are emptied. Cleaning the world, one chore at a time!
  7. Adventure time: Let's break free from the confines of the house (if possible) and embark on epic summer adventures! Schedule exciting activities during the day to get your child out and about. The world is your oyster—beach or pool trips, park visits, playdates with pals, library explorations, or even zoo rendezvous. If you're feeling extra adventurous, sign them up for summer camps that keep the fun meter off the charts!
  8. Nature's call: Get your child outside like a nature-loving ninja! Aim for at least 1-2 hours of daily outdoor playtime

Remember fellow summer enthusiasts, while routines may not sound like the coolest summer trend, they are the secret sauce to a smooth and enjoyable break.  By keeping a routine, you'll ensure your child stays on track, banish boredom with fun activities, and effortlessly transition back to the school routine in the fall.  So embrace the power of routines, add a sprinkle of adventure, and let this summer be a memorable one for both you and your little superheroes!

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