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  • The Stages of Parenting: A Comprehensive Guide for Parents

    Parenting is a journey that evolves as your child grows. Understanding the different phases and what to teach at each stage can help you navigate this journey more effectively. Here’s a comprehensive guide on the stages of parenting, from teaching to becoming friends and advisors.
  • Tips for rocking the Back-to-School Routine!

      Embrace the Fall Adventure – Tips for Rocking the Back-to-School Routine! 🌄 Sunrise Superheroes: Transform waking up early into a fun challenge!...
  • When Should you Introduce Chores?

    Have you ever thought about when is the right time to introduce chores to your kiddos?  Do you ever have dreams about your kids helping out without you having to ask or remind them? 

    Giving kids chores can be beneficial for all.  It allows kids to feel a sense of accomplishment and responsibility for contributing to the family.  More importantly, it can teach them valuable life skills, such as responsibility, follow through, and communication (when things don’t get done). 

    Plus, it can help out with the parents’ workload, making it a potential WIN/WIN for everyone!

  • Tips and Tricks for Summer

    Hey there, fellow summer enthusiasts! With the school year waving goodbye and summer break waving hello, it's tempting to toss routines out the window and embrace the carefree spirit. But hold on just a minute! While routines might not sound like the most thrilling thing, they can actually save the day when it comes to keeping maladaptive behaviors at bay. Plus, they make the transition back to school smoother than a water slide ride! So, let's dive into some fabulous tips for maintaining a summer routine while still relishing that well-deserved break.
  • Preparing Kids for Daylight Saving Time

    Our bodies become accustomed to routine. Shifting bedtime or wake up time by a full hour all at once doesn't usually work well for anyone. Instead, the experts at Parent Like a Professional recommend building up to the change day by day, so that your kid will feel very little disruption to the normal routine...
  • Creating Successful New Year's Resolutions

    The New Year is a wonderful time to celebrate with our children the closure of a successful year and the beginning of something new. Parents should incorporate their children into goal setting for the upcoming year and start the practice young. Begin with setting easy, achievable goals with (not for) your children...
  • Traveling with Kids Over the Holidays

    Traveling during the holidays can be a real challenge. Add children into the mix and that challenge becomes next level! With careful planning and preparation, though, you can set up yourself and your family for travel success! From travel planning to airport and plane activities, use our expert TRIP TIPS...

  • World Kindness Day

    Kindness matters. Like most important skills and behaviors we want our kids to embody, we have to show them — multiple times, over a period of time, with a variety of examples. Practicing this skill at home with family members is a great way to start.
  • 2021 Holiday Gift Guide from Parent Like a Professional

    2021 Holiday Gift Guide by Parent Like a Professional is a thoughtfully selected list of toys that will help kids to grow and develop, not just entertain them. Get everything you need to parent like a professional... even on the holidays!
  • Tips for a Successful & Happy Halloween

    Prepare your family for a Happy Halloween! Like all highly anticipated holidays and events, there is a fine line between success and total disaster. It may feel at times that things can get out of your control. However, preparing for situations that may arise and exercising flexibility are the keys to having a successful Halloween night...

  • How to Get Your Children to Do What You Ask

    It's a common complaint amongst parents: “My kids just don’t do what I ask them to do.” The problem is that repeatedly asking our kids to do things and then not enforcing that they actually do it has led to our words becoming less meaningful. FREE DOWNLOAD available!
  • Using a Timer to Cue Transition

    One of the most common day-to-day frustrations for many parents is when it’s time for your child to stop doing something that they love (e.g., playing with toys) and start doing something that they don’t love (e.g., brushing teeth). This proactive strategy will help with successful transitions. FREE DOWNLOAD available!