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What It's All About

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Research-Based Parenting Strategies

We are a team of Board Certified Behavior Analysts (BCBAs) who have not only worked with children for a very long time, but are also parents ourselves and have utilized our practice of relying on the science of human behavior in order to interact with our own children.  Our mission is to help parents using researched-based strategies (no, really, everything here is based on science), and to disseminate these strategies in easily digestible ways to help you achieve a state of peace and harmony with your children.

Parent Like a Professional provides you a guide to address the myriad of problems that you may encounter with your children.  We have created a network to support your struggles as a parent, with user-friendly, easily executable steps across a wide-range of topics.  We address issues relating to infancy, through toddler years, all the way into adolescence and teenage years.  Nobody can claim that parenting is easy, but we'd like to help make it joyful, peaceful, and filled with love. 


Parent Like a Professional™ is a subdivision of California Unified Service Providers, L.L.C.