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Why We Created It

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Proven Parenting Strategies

Doesn't every parent wonder how they can assure their child's success?  How can my child be happy?  How can I get my child to behave?  How can I assure my child is confident?  How do I help my child make friends?  Sound about right?  We don't know of a single parent that doesn't think about those things... but where are the answers??

There is a lot of parenting advice online, and as experts in human behavior, and being parents ourselves, we are trying to bust through the myths and misconceptions that are abundant in the parenting world.  The truth is, there is a science that has been studying and understanding human behavior for over one hundred years, and it gives us the answers to all of the questions we ask as parents.  The problem is, it's incredibly difficult for the average person to determine what is science (and therefore something that can be relied on), and what is just opinion, anecdote, or unfounded advice about parenting.  And honestly, sometimes science can be difficult to understand and digest.  That's where Parent Like a Professional comes in!  We are breaking it all down for you, and giving you exactly what you need to know.

Our goal is to give parents step-by-step training on how to address all of the issues that they may encounter on their road of parenting.  We want to provide you the necessary tools for all of the challenges that our children present.  In doing so, we hope to give parents an improved relationship with their children, more positivity in their households, and the peace-of-mind that comes from knowing that you are setting your children up for success in life. 

We are right there with you on this parenting journey, and are excited to share some of the secrets we've learned in our time as behavior analysts and as parents.  


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